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     See Beach House Photo and Text

      See Oil Well Photo and Text

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     Chapter VII. Public Institutions: Schools; Post Offices

      Chapter XI Venice of America and Its Founder

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    [p. 243] "After the first few years the number of foreign-born miners [on the Comstock] increased steadily. Lord (pp. 383, 384) gives statistics for the year 1880: 1,996 miners, of whom 394 were Americans, 691 Irish, 543 English, 132 Canadians, and the rest from everywhere. The average age was 35, average weight 165 pounds, average height 5 feet 9 inches. The majority were married." -Smith, 1943

     "The 1880 census showed a population of only 417, and this included the entire township of La Ballona, now Ocean Park and Venice." Storrs, 1974, p. 287, 1908a


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