1913 Moran and Sewell

Tom Moran and Tom Sewell Fantasy by the Sea Peace Press: Culver City, CA, 1980 (1979) (Originally published by Beyond Baroque Foundation with a grant from the Visual Arts Program of the National Endowment for the Arts) 1913

Sarah Bernhardt

     "Sarah Bernhardt returned to the Venice Beach seven years (1913) after her Venice Pier appearance in 1906, and rented an entire floor of the King George Hotel."

The Beach

     "The King George Hotel, later the Ocean View Hotel . . . "


     "The Venice Athletic Club was located on the second story of a Windward Avenue building. The gymnasium provided training quarters for many of boxing's early stars. Joe Rivers, Jimmy Clabby, "English" Freddie Welsh. But Anderson and Jack O'Brien were some of the professionals . . .

     "Luther McCarty, a "white hope" . . . trained in Venice and was popular among the ocean front crowds. He died from a ring injury in 1913.

     "McCarty's sparring partner, John "Bull" Young, who was engaged to a Venice girl, died that same year following a boxing match with Jess Willard at the Vernon Arena.

     "Ad Wolgast . . .

     " . . .

     "Boxing was banned in the city in 1913. Dick Donald and Tommy Jacobs both unsuccessfully tried to revive the sport.

     "In later years several Venice boxers became popular local attractions at the Ocean Park Arena and Olympic Auditorium, among them Kenny LaSalle, Phil "Babe" Brandelli, Ge Ge Gravante and Frank Duarte."

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