1935 Starr 2002

Kevin Starr Embattled Dreams California in War and Peace 1940-1950, Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK, 2002, 386 pp., 1938, 1935

     "Earl Warren was a Methodist who attended Baptist services in deference to his wife. He read the Bible to his children each evening. Shortly after World War I, Warren joined the Masons. In 1935 he was elected Grand Master for California, with responsibility for seven hundred lodges with a membership of 150,000. Like his fellow Mason Harry Truman and millions of other Masons throughout the nation, Earl Warren favored rimless glasses and double-breasted suits with lapels the size of schooner sails, which one is tempted to see as required Masonic uniform in the 1940s. Reticent regarding his religious beliefs, Warren derived great psychological strength from Masonry, which provided him his theology, his ethical system and his club.

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