1966 Lunsford 1983

James W. Lunsford The Ocean and the Sunset, The Hills and the Clouds: Looking at Santa Monica, illustrated by Alice N. Lunsford, 1983, 1966, 1949, 1933, 1913

Ocean Park

     "53. Sculpture, Oneness, Eino Romppanen, 1966. This large sculpture, located at the Third Street frontage of Mary Hotchkiss Park, was the gift of Mr. Romppanen to the City. Most of the work on the statue was done in the Del Mar Club."

     58. Los Amigos Park, Fifth and Ocean Park. This three-acre city recreation park is the former site of John Adams Junior High School, which was built in 1913 and abandoned after the 1933 earthquake when the new junior high school was built at 16th and Pearl. The land was leased to the city for park purposes in 1949 after having been used by the Army as a recreation center and by the Navy as a training site. It was for many years the location of the Morgan Theatre, which occupied the former Army recreation hall as a community theater until it was destroyed by fire in 1966."

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