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Singing Chair, Doug Hollis, Artist, 1987 SMart Festival Post Card See Image

     Singing Chair Announcement 1987 SMarts Festival Post Card Text

Sky Poem, David Antin, 1987 SMarts Festival Post Card, Santa Monica, CA, See Image

     Sky Poem David Antin, 1987 SMarts Festival Announcement See Text

Trialogue, Philip Augerson 1987 SMarts Festival Post Card, See Image  

      Trialogue, Philip Augerson, Artist, Announcement, 1987 SMarts Festival Post Card, See Text

Watermark, Michele Hamrick, Artist, 1987 SMarts Festival Post Card See Image

     Watermark Announcement 1987 SMarts Festival Text

Santa Monica Planning Division Santa Monica Landmarks Tour, 2003.

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Regina Phelan's book is ambitious and interesting but the story she tells of Santa Monica's beginnings seems to be conflated with San Pedro events. So far I haven't read of many beach cottages in Santa Monica which weren't in dispute, and the South Santa Monica beach cottages came later . . .



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