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    Lee Boek will present excepts from his work and especially from his current play, Confessions of a Pulpiteer, which will have several showings in the coming weeks at the Church. Confessions of a Pulpiteer is Lee's play about his years as a fundamentalist evangelist, mostly in the Bible Belt during the early 60's. Lee is an old friend of the Church in Ocean Park. It was here that he met Marlene Rasnick, who with Dale Eunson founded the theatre company that he now represents, Public Works Improvisational Theatre Company. Our church was the home of Public Works for twenty years.

     Lee Boek's play "Confessions of a Pulpiteer," will be presented at the Church in Ocean Park:

Sunday, May 18, 10:15 am,

Saturday and Sunday, May 31, June 1, 8 p.m. with musician Mitch Greenhill

Saturday and Sunday, June 7, June 8, 8 p.m. with musician Peter Kors

Sunday, June 22 and Saturday, June 28, 8 p.m. with musician Peter Kors

Requested Donation: $15.

Lee Boek

     Lee has been an actor/activist living in Silver Lake for thirty years and is now the Artistic Director of Public Works Improvisational Theatre which has worked with and done theatre and music with and about Sunset Hall for many years.  He has long been an ardent supporter of and, in times past, a participant in, the daily events at Sunset Hall, when it was on Francis Avenue. He continues to entertain our senior members in his once a month calendared visits at the new location.

     Lee began his activism shortly after he stopped being a fundamentalist evangelist for the Church of Christ in the mid sixties. He participated in the anti-war movement in Northern California and supported the very first draft resisters in Sacramento. 

     He and his band The Greater Carmichael Traveling Street Band presented The Brother Lee Love Survival Revival Hour, a weekly radio show on KZAP-FM, in Sacramento.  They performed music and political theatre on radio, in the streets and in staged events such as The Dance around the Nukes at Rancho Seco and the Float In on the American River.

     Lee came to Los Angeles in 1976, married his teacher of improvisational theatre at the Church in Ocean Park.  He and his wife Marlene Rasnick did original cutting edge theatre that was generally political and comedic often with original music for twenty five years, teaching improvisational theatre with the LACER after school program in several local middle schools.  They also worked with several other special communities such as seniors, and the deaf.  

     Lee has also been a union organizer and representative for SEIU and AFSCME and has participated in the numerous political campaigns and social actions that have marked our times in Los Angeles these last thirty years.

     Marlene died in 2001 of Ovarian Cancer.  Together they were proponents of Medical Marijuana, a cause for which Marlene became an international spokesperson.

     Public Works currently produces The Los Angeles Children's Theatre. In April 2007 Lee was seen in Charlotte's Web at The Morgan/Wixon Theatre on Pico Ave., and in Luck before Love, a play written by ten year old Felix Horan, at the 24th St. Theatre in conjunction with The Virginia Project.  Most recently, Lee has written and is currently starring in Confessions of a Pulpiteer, with Nolan Porter and directed by Peter Kors.

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